31 CFR § 802.230 - Party to a transaction.

(a) The term party to a transaction means:

(1) In the case of a purchase, the person acquiring the ownership interest, the person from whom such ownership interest is acquired, and the entity whose ownership interest is being acquired, without regard to any person providing brokerage or underwriting services for the transaction;

(2) In the case of a lease, the person acquiring the possessory interest, and the person from whom such possessory interest is acquired;

(3) In the case of a concession, the person receiving the right to use the covered real estate, and the U.S. public entity;

(4) In the case of a change in rights that a person has with respect to covered real estate as a result of a purchase, lease, or concession, the person whose rights change as a result of the transaction, and the person conveying those rights; and

(5) In the case of any other transaction, transfer, agreement, or arrangement, the structure of which is designed or intended to evade or circumvent the application of section 721, any person that participates in such transaction, transfer, agreement, or arrangement.

(6) In all cases, each party that submitted a declaration or notice to the Committee regarding a transaction.

(b) For purposes of section 721(l), the term party to a transaction includes any affiliate of any party described in paragraph (a) of this section that the Committee, or a lead agency acting on behalf of the Committee, determines is relevant to mitigating a risk to the national security of the United States.