32 CFR § 1292.4 - Responsibilities.

§ 1292.4 Responsibilities.

(a) HQ DLA.

(1) The Director, DLA/Deputy Director/Deputy Director, CAS will issue necessary security regulations and orders for PLFAs headed by civilians.

(2) The Command Security Officer, DLA (DLA-T) will:

(i) Provide technical staff guidance on the issuance of security regulations and orders.

(ii) Keep the Director, DLA informed of violations of regulations/orders as reported.

(b) Field Activities.

(1) The Heads of Primary Level Field Activities will:

(i) Publish a physical security plan which provides proper and economical use of personnel and equipment to prevent or minimize loss or damage from theft, espionage, sabotage, and other criminal or disruptive activities.

(ii) Report violations of security regulations and orders to HQ DLA, ATTN: DLA-T, in accordance with DLAR 5705.1, Reporting of Security and Criminal Violations.

(2) The Military Heads of DLA field activities will issue security regulations and orders as necessary for the protection of places and property under their jurisdiction pursuant to the provisions of this part 1292 and other pertinent directives.