32 CFR § 1615.1 - Registration.

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§ 1615.1 Registration.

(a) Registration under selective service law consists of:

(1) Completing a registration card or other method of registration prescribed by the Director of Selective Service by a person required to register; and

(2) The recording of the registration information furnished by the registrant in the records (master computer file) of the Selective Service System. Registration is completed when both of these actions have been accomplished.

(b) The Director of Selective Service will furnish to each registrant a verification notice that includes a copy of the information pertaining to his registration that has been recorded in the records of the Selective Service System together with a correction form. If the information is correct, the registrant should take no action. If the information is incorrect, the registrant should forthwith furnish the correct information to the Director of Selective Service. If the registrant does not receive the verification notice within 90 days after he completed a method of registration prescribed by the Director, he shall advise in writing the Selective Service System, P.O. Box 94638, Palatine, IL 60094-4638.

(c) The methods of registration prescribed by the Director include completing a Selective Service Registration Card at a classified Post Office, registration on the Selective Service Internet web site (http://www.sss.gov), telephonic registration, registration on approved Federal and State Government forms, registration through high school and college registrars, and Selective Service remainder mailback card.

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