32 CFR § 1624.10 - Order to report for examination.

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§ 1624.10 Order to report for examination.

(a) The Director of Selective Service may order any registrant in Class 1-A who has filed a claim for classification in a class other than Class 1-A or whose induction has been postponed, to report for an Armed Forces examination to determine acceptability for military service. The date specified to report for examination shall be at least 7 days after the date on which the Order to Report for Examination is issued. Such registrant will not be inducted until his claim for reclassification has been decided or abandoned.

(b) The reporting date for examination may be postponed for any reason a reporting date for induction may be postponed in accord with § 1624.6 (b), (d) or (f)(1).

(c) If a registrant fails to report for or complete an examination, the local board will determine that he has abandoned his claim.

(d) If a registrant is determined not acceptable for military service, he will be reclassified in Class 4-F.

(e) If a registrant is determined acceptable for military service, the processing of his claim will be completed.

[52 FR 24455, July 1, 1987]

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