32 CFR § 1639.1 - Purpose; definitions.

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§ 1639.1 Purpose; definitions.

(a) The provisions of this part shall govern the consideration of a claim by a registrant for classification in Class 2-D (§ 1630.26 of this chapter).

(b) The definitions of this paragraph shall apply to the interpretation of the provisions of this part:

(1) The term ministry refers to the vocation of a duly ordained minister of religion or regular minister of religion as defined in part 1645 of this chapter.

(2) The term recognized church or religious organization refers to a church or religious organization established on the basis of a community of faith and belief, doctrines and practices of a religious character, and which engages primarily in religious activities.

(3) The term recognized theological or divinity school refers to a theological or divinity school whose graduates are acceptable for ministerial duties either as an ordained or regular minister by the church or religious organization sponsoring a registrant as a ministerial student.

(4) The term graduate program refers to a program in which the registrant's studies are officially approved by his church or religious organization for entry into service as a regular or duly ordained minister of religion.

(5) The term full-time intern applies to a program that must run simultaneous with or immediately follow the completion of the theological or divinity training and is required by a recognized church or religious organization for entry into the ministry.

(6) The term satisfactorily pursuing a full-time course of instruction means maintaining a satisfactory academic record as determined by the institution while receiving full-time instructions in a structured learning situation. A full-time course of instruction does not include instructions received pursuant to a mail order program.