32 CFR § 1645.7 - Evaluation of claim.

§ 1645.7 Evaluation of claim.

(a) In evaluating a claim for classification in Class 4-D, the board will not consider:

(1) The training or abilities of the registrant for duty as a minister; or

(2) The motive or sincerity of the registrant in serving as a minister.

(b) The board should be careful to ascertain the actual duties and functions of registrants seeking classification in Class 4-D, such classification being appropriate only for leaders of the various religious groups, not granted to members of such groups generally.

(c) Preaching and teaching the principles of one's sect, if performed part-time or half-time, occasionally or irregularly, are insufficient to establish eligiblity for Class 4-D. These activities must be regularly performed and must comprise the registrant's regular calling or full-time profession. The mere fact of some secular employment on the part of a registrant requesting classification in Class 4-D does not in itself make him ineligible for that class.

(d) The board should request the registrant to furnish any additional information that it believes will be of assistance in the consideration of the registrant's claim for classification in Class 4-D.