32 CFR § 1656.14 - Postponement of reporting date.

§ 1656.14 Postponement of reporting date.

(a) General. The reporting date in any of the following orders may be postponed in accord with this section.

(1) Report for Job Placement;

(2) Report for a Job Interview; or

(3) Report to an Employer to Commence Employment.

(b) Requests for Postponement. A request for postponement of a reporting date specified in an order listed in paragraph (a) must be made in writing and filed prior to the reporting date with the office which issued the order. Such requests must include a statement of the nature of the emergency and the expected period of its duration.

(c) Grounds for Postponement. An ASW may, upon presentation of the appropriate facts in his request, be granted a postponement based on one or more of the following conditions:

(1) The death of a member of his immediate family;

(2) An extreme emergency involving a member of his immediate family;

(3) His serious illness or injury; or

(4) An emergency condition directly affecting him which is beyond his control.

(d) Basis for Considering Request. The ASW's eligibility for a postponement shall be determined by the office of jurisdiction based upon official documents and other written information contained in his file. Oral statements made by the ASW or made by another person in support of the ASW shall be reduced to writing and placed in the ASW's file.

(e) Duration of Postponement. The initial postponement shall not exceed 60 days from the reporting date in the order. When necessary, the Director may grant one further postponement, but the total postponement period shall not exceed 90 days from the reporting date in the order invovled.

(f) Termination of Postponement.

(1) A postponement may be terminated by the Director for cause upon no less than ten days written notice to the ASW.

(2) Any postponement shall be terminated when the basis for the postponement has ceased to exist.

(3) It is the responsibility of the ASW promptly to notify in writing the office that granted the postponement whenever the basis for which his postponement was granted ceases to exist.

(g) Effect of Postponement. A postponement of the reporting date in an order shall not render the order invalid, but shall only serve to postpone the date on which the ASW is to report. The ASW shall report at the expiration or termination of the postponement.

(h) Religious Holiday. The Director may authorize a delay of reporting under any of the orders specified for an ASW whose date to report conflicts with a religious holiday historically observed by a recognized church, religious sect or religious organization of which he is a member. Any ASW so delayed shall report on the next business day following the religious holiday.