32 CFR § 1802.23 - Response by originator(s) and/or any interested party.

§ 1802.23 Response by originator(s) and/or any interested party.

(a) In general. The originator of the classified information (document) is a required party to any challenge; other interested parties may become involved through the request of the Director, NACIC or the originator when it is determined that some or all of the information is also within their official cognizance.

(b) Determination. These parties shall respond in writing to the Director, NACIC with a mandatory unclassified finding, to the greatest extent possible, and an optional classified addendum. This finding shall agree to a declassification or, in specific and factual terms, explain the basis for continued classification including identification of the category of information, the harm to national security which could be expected to result from disclosure, and, if older than ten (10) years, the basis for the extension of classification time under §§ 1.6 and 3.4 of this Order. These parties shall also provide a statement as to whether or not there is any other statutory, common law, or Constitutional basis for withholding as required by § 6.1(c) of this Order.

(c) Time. The determination(s) shall be provided on a first in, first out basis with respect to all challenges pending under this section and shall be accomplished expeditiously taking into account the requirements of the authorized holder as well as the business requirements of the originator including their responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act, or the mandatory declassification review provisions of this Order.

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