32 CFR § 1908.34 - Establishment of appeals structure.

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§ 1908.34 Establishment of appeals structure.

(a) In general. Two administrative entities have been established by the Director of Central Intelligence to facilitate the processing of administrative appeals under the mandatory declassification review provisions of this Order. Their membership, authority, and rules of procedure are as follows.

(b) Historical Records Policy Board (“HRPB” or “Board”). This Board, the successor to the CIA Information Review Committee, acts as the senior corporate board in the CIA on all matters of information review and release. It is composed of the Executive Director, who serves as its Chair, the Deputy Director for Administration, the Deputy Director for Intelligence, the Deputy Director for Operations, the Deputy Director for Science and Technology, the General Counsel, the Director of Congressional Affairs, the Director of the Public Affairs Staff, the Director, Center for the Study of Intelligence, and the Associate Deputy Director for Administration/Information Services, or their designees. The Board, by majority vote, may delegate to one or more of its members the authority to act on any appeal or other matter or authorize the Chair to delegate such authority, as long as such delegation is not to the same individual or body who made the initial denial. The Executive Secretary of the HRPB is the Director, Information Management. The Chair may request interested parties to participate when special equities or expertise are involved.

(c) Agency Release Panel (“ARP” or “Panel”). The HRPB, pursuant to its delegation of authority, has established a subordinate Agency Release Panel. This Panel is composed of the Director, Information Management, who serves as its Chair; the Information Review Officers from the Directorates of Administration, Intelligence, Operations, Science and Technology, and the Director of Central Intelligence Area; the CIA Information and Privacy Coordinator; the Chief, Historical Review Group; the Chair, Publications Review Board; the Chief, Records Declassification Program; and representatives from the Offices of General Counsel and Congressional Affairs, and the Public Affairs Staff. The Information and Privacy Coordinator also serves as the Executive Secretary of the Panel. The Panel advises and assists the HRPB on all information release issues, monitors the adequacy and timeliness of Agency releases, sets component search and review priorities, reviews adequacy of resources available to and planning for all Agency release programs, and performs such other functions as deemed necessary by the Board. The Chair may request interested parties to participate when special equities or expertise are involved. The Panel, functioning as a committee of the whole or through individual members, will make final Agency decisions from appeals of initial denial decisions under E.O. 12958. Issues not resolved by the Panel will be referred by the Panel to the HRPB. Matters decided by the Panel or Board will be deemed a final decision by the Agency.