32 CFR § 2001.11 - Original classification authority.

§ 2001.11 Original classification authority.

(a) General. Agencies shall establish a training program for original classifiers in accordance with subpart G of this part.

(b) Requests for original classification authority. Agencies not possessing such authority shall forward requests to the Director of ISOO. The agency head must make the request and shall provide a specific justification of the need for this authority. The Director of ISOO shall forward the request, along with the Director's recommendation, to the President through the National Security Advisor within 30 days. Agencies wishing to increase their assigned level of original classification authority shall forward requests in accordance with the procedures of this paragraph.

(c) Reporting delegations of original classification authority. All delegations of original classification authority shall be reported to the Director of ISOO. This can be accomplished by an initial submission followed by updates on a frequency determined by the senior agency official, but at least annually.