32 CFR § 2001.91 - Other agency reporting requirements.

§ 2001.91 Other agency reporting requirements.

(a) Information declassified without proper authority. Determinations that classified information has been declassified without proper authority shall be promptly reported in writing to the Director of ISOO in accordance with § 2001.13(a).

(b) Reclassification actions. Reclassification of information that has been declassified and released under proper authority shall be reported promptly to the National Security Advisor and the Director of ISOO in accordance with section 1.7(c)(3) of the Order and § 2001.13(b).

(c) Fundamental classification guidance review. The initial fundamental guidance review is to be completed no later than June 27, 2012. Agency heads shall provide a detailed report summarizing the results of each classification guidance review to ISOO and release an unclassified version to the public in accordance with section 1.9 of the Order and § 2001.16(d).

(d) Violations of the Order. Agency heads or senior agency officials shall notify the Director of ISOO when a violation occurs under sections 5.5(b)(1), (2), or (3) of the Order and § 2001.48(d).