32 CFR § 28.500 - Secretary of Defense.

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§ 28.500 Secretary of Defense.

(a) Exemption authority. The Secretary of Defense may exempt, on a case-by-case basis, a covered Federal action from the prohibition whenever the Secretary determines, in writing, that such an exemption is in the national interest. The Secretary shall transmit a copy of each such written exemption to Congress immediately after making such a determination.

(b) Policy. It is the policy of the Department of Defense that exemptions under paragraph (a) of this section shall be requested only rarely and in exceptional circumstances.

(c) Procedures. Each DoD Component that awards or administers Federal grants, Federal cooperative agreements, or Federal loans subject to this part shall establish procedures whereby:

(1) A grants officer wishing to request an exemption for a grant, cooperative agreement, or loan shall transmit such request through appropriate channels to: Director for Research, ODDR&E(R), 3080 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC. 20301-3080.

(2) Each such request shall explain why an exemption is in the national interest, a justification that must be transmitted to Congress for each exemption that is approved.

[63 FR 12188, Mar. 12, 1998]