32 CFR § 507.8 - Articles authorized for manufacture and sale.

§ 507.8 Articles authorized for manufacture and sale.

(a) The articles listed in paragraphs (a) (1) through (10) of this section are authorized for manufacture and sale when made in accordance with approved specifications, purchase descriptions or drawings.

(1) All authorized insignia (AR 670-1 and AFI 36-2903).

(2) Appurtenances and devices for decorations, medals, and ribbons such as oak leaf clusters, service stars, arrowheads, V-devices, and clasps.

(3) Combat, special skill, occupational and qualification badges and bars.

(4) Identification badges.

(5) Fourrageres and lanyards.

(6) Lapel buttons.

(7) Decorations, service medals, and ribbons, except for the Medal of Honor.

(8) Replicas of decorations and service medals for grave markers. Replicas are to be at least twice the size prescribed for decorations and service medals.

(9) Service ribbons for decorations, service medals, and unit awards.

(10) Rosettes.

(11) Army emblem and branch of service plaques.

(b) Variations from the prescribed specifications for the items listed in paragraph (a) of this section are not permitted without prior approval, in writing, by TIOH.