32 CFR § 516.54 - Witnesses for the United States.

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§ 516.54 Witnesses for the United States.

(a) Status of witness. A military member authorized to appear as a witness for the United States, including those authorized to appear under § 516.55(d), will be placed on temporary duty. If USAR or NG personnel are requested as witnesses for the United States, and if their testimony arises from their active duty service, they should be placed on active duty to testify. The status of a civilian employee will be determined under Federal Personnel Manual 630, subchapter 10. DA personnel who appear as necessary witnesses for a party asserting the government's claim for medical care expenses are witnesses for the United States.

(b) Travel arrangements. Travel arrangements for witnesses for the United States normally are made by DOJ through Litigation Division for other than local travel. Litigation Division will issue instructions for this travel, including fund citation, to the appropriate commander. A U.S. Attorney, or an attorney asserting the government's medical care claim under subpart E, may make arrangements for local travel through the SJA or legal adviser for attendance of a witness who is stationed at an installation within the same judicial district, or not more than 100 miles from the place where testifying. Other requests, including those under § 516.55(d), will be referred to Litigation Division. The instructions from Litigation Division, or the request from the U.S. Attorney or the attorney asserting the government's claim, will serve as a basis for the issuance of appropriate travel orders by the local commander.

(c) Travel and per diem expenses. The witness' commander or supervisor should ensure the witness has sufficient funds to defray expenses. The SJA or legal adviser will provide assistance.

(1) Where local travel is performed at the request of a U.S. Attorney and the testimony does not involve information acquired in the performance of duties, transportation arrangements and any per diem expenses are the responsibility of the U.S. Attorney.

(2) An attorney asserting the government's medical care or property claim may be required to advance local travel expense money to the witness requested and to include these in recoverable costs where the government's claim is not large enough to justify expenditures of government travel funds.

(3) Other local travel and per diem expense for cases involving Army activities or claims are proper expenses of the command issuing the orders.

(4) Litigation Division will furnish travel expense and per diem funds for other than local travel and will receive reimbursement from DOJ or other government agencies as appropriate.