32 CFR § 516.58 - Policies.

§ 516.58 Policies.

(a) Procurement fraud and irregularities will be promptly and thoroughly addressed whenever encountered. Reports will be initiated in a timely manner and will be supplemented as appropriate.

(b) Investigations will be monitored to see that interim corrective action is taken and that final action is taken as expeditiously as possible.

(c) This regulation establishes the Procurement Fraud Division (PFD), U.S. Army Legal Services Agency, as the single centralized organization within the Army to coordinate and monitor criminal, civil, contractual, and administrative remedies in significant cases of fraud or corruption relating to Army procurement.

(d) The key elements of the Army's procurement fraud program follow: centralized policy making and program direction; fraud remedies coordination; decentralized responsibility for operational matters, such as reporting and remedial action; continuous case monitorship by PFD from the initial report until final disposition; and, command-wide fraud awareness training.

(e) Remedies for PFI will be pursued in a timely manner and properly coordinated with other agencies. Every effort will be made to support criminal investigation and prosecution of fraudulent activity.

(f) A specific remedies plan will be formulated for each significant case of fraud or corruption involving procurement.

(g) Coordination on the status and disposition of cases will be maintained between PFD, OTJAG, PFI Coordinators at MACOMs, and Procurement Fraud Advisers at subordinate commands. Coordination of procurement and personnel actions will be accomplished with investigative agencies as required by those agencies.

(h) Training which relates to fraud and corruption in the procurement process is a significant element of this program.