32 CFR § 516.67 - Overseas cases of fraud or corruption.

§ 516.67 Overseas cases of fraud or corruption.

(a) Commanders of overseas major commands will establish procedures, similar to this regulation and consistent with the DFARS, and regulations and directives of their respective unified commands, for reporting and coordination of available remedies in overseas procurement fraud and corruption cases involving foreign firms and individuals. Overseas major commands will also maintain liaison with PFD and provide periodic reports of remedies coordination results.

(b) Overseas suspension and debarment actions are governed by DFARS 209.403 (48 CFR 209.403). The names of all firms and individuals suspended or debarred will be expeditiously forwarded to PFD for inclusion on the List of Parties Excluded From Federal Procurement or NonProcurement Programs.

(c) Overseas cases of fraud or corruption related to the procurement process that involve U.S. firms or U.S. citizens may be referred to PFD for coordination of remedies under this regulation.