32 CFR § 516.72 - Procedures.

§ 516.72 Procedures.

(a) Witnesses and counsel for consultation.

(1) DA military and civilian managers, supervisors, and employees who are requested by OSC for an interview will be made available in accordance with arrangements the Labor Counselor will establish. Requests for the testimony of IGs will be coordinated with the Inspector General Legal Office, SAIG-ZXL, DSN 227–9734 or Commercial (703) 697–9734.

(2) The Labor Counselor will ensure that witnesses are aware of their obligation to answer OSC questions, their potential to be considered “suspects” in OSC investigations, and their right to the assistance of counsel during interviews with OSC representatives. If the requested witness is not an “accused” or “suspected” individual and the witness asks for assistance of counsel, a DA attorney will be made available for the limited purpose of consultation regarding the witness' rights and obligations. An attorney-client relationship will not be established. (See appendix F to this part).

(3) The Labor Counselor will arrange for individual counsel for consultation from local assets. If local assets are not sufficient, assistance may be requested from other DOD activities in the area or from HQDA, DAJA-LE. DA attorneys tasked to consult with one or more witnesses individually will not be tasked to represent the DA activity concerned.

(4) The Labor Counselor, as the legal representative of the activity, is precluded from assisting or representing individual witnesses during OSC interviews.

(b) “Accused” or “suspected” DA personnel and counsel for representation.

(1) If the OSC identifies a DA civilian employee or a military member as an “accused” or “suspected” individual, or if the Labor Counselor concludes that an individual is a “suspect,” the Labor Counselor will inform the individual. The Labor Counselor also will advise the individual of the availability of counsel for representation upon approval by DA General Counsel. (See Glossary, Counsel for Representation).

(2) If the “suspected” individual desires legal representation by DA, the individual must request counsel by submitting a written request through DAJA-LE to DA General Counsel. (See figure I-1, appendix G, to this part).

(3) During the investigation but prior to DA General Counsel approval of the request for counsel, an “accused” or “suspected” individual will be provided the assistance of counsel for consultation in the same manner as any other OSC requested witness. “Accused” or “suspected” individuals who do not request counsel for representation will be provided counsel for consultation in the same manner as any other OSC requested witness.

(4) If the DA General Counsel approves the request for counsel, the Chief, DAJA-LE, will appoint a DA attorney to represent the individual. This appointment may be made telephonically but will be confirmed in writing. The Chief, DAJA-LE, will make appropriate coordination with MACOM SJAs and command counsel to confirm availability of the attorney.

(5) An attorney appointed by DA may represent a civilian employee in any proceeding initiated by OSC before the MSPB. However, counsel provided by DA may not represent the employee in any proceeding initiated by DA, in any appeal from a final decision by the MSPB, or in any collateral proceeding before any forum other than the MSPB.

(6) OSC may not bring a disciplinary action before the MSPB against a military member. Accordingly, DA counsel will not be required to represent the military member in any MSPB disciplinary proceeding. However, counsel may represent the member during the OSC investigation with the understanding that the evidence obtained by OSC may be referred to the member's command for possible disciplinary action under the UCMJ or appropriate regulations. If DA initiates action against the military member for misconduct disclosed in the OSC investigation, the member will obtain counsel as provided under the UCMJ or relevant regulations.

(c) Records.

(1) OSC requests for records must be in writing. The Labor Counselor will assist OSC representatives in identifying the custodian of specific records sought during the inquiry.

(2) Generally, requested records should be furnished to OSC representatives if such records would be released under AR 25–55 or AR 340–21 to other government agencies in the normal course of official business. Records constituting attorney work product should not be released without approval of the Chief, DAJA-LE. IG records will not be released without the approval of the Inspector General. (AR 20–1). The Labor Counselor should seek guidance from the Chief, DAJA-LE, if there is any doubt concerning the release of records.

(3) If, after completion of the OSC investigation, the OSC files a complaint against DA or a DA employee, release of records and other information will be accomplished pursuant to MSPB rules of discovery (5 CFR part 1201, subpart B).

(d) Funding. The command, activity, or installation within which the allegations of misconduct arose will provide funding for travel, per diem and other necessary expenses related to the OSC investigation. These expenses may include appropriate funding for witnesses, counsel for consultation and DA General Counsel approved counsel for representation.