32 CFR § 516.8 - General.

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§ 516.8 General.

(a) Defined. Process is a legal document that compels a defendant in an action to appear in court or to comply with the court's demands, for example, in a civil case a summons or subpoena, or in a criminal case, a warrant for arrest, indictment, contempt order, subpoena, or summons. Service of process is the delivery of the document to a defendant to notify him of a claim or charge against him.

(b) Policy. DA personnel will follow the guidance of this chapter when civil officials attempt to serve civil or criminal process on individuals on Federal property.

(c) Procedures. Provost marshals shall ensure that installation law enforcement personnel are adequately trained to respond to situations which arise with regard to service of civil and criminal process. SJAs or legal advisers shall provide guidance to law enforcement personnel in these matters.