32 CFR § 536.11 - Chief of Engineers.

§ 536.11 Chief of Engineers.

The Chief of Engineers, through the Chief Counsel, shall:

(a) Provide general supervision of the claims activities of COE ACOs.

(b) Ensure that each COE ACO has a claims attorney designated in accordance with § 536.4.

(c) Ensure that claims personnel are adequately trained, and monitor their ongoing claims administration.

(d) Implement pertinent claims policies.

(e) Provide for sufficient funding in accordance with existing Army regulations and command directives for temporary duty (TDY), long distance telephone calls, recording equipment, cameras, and other expenses for investigating and processing claims.

(f) Procure and maintain adequate legal publications on local law relating to claims arising within the United States, its territories, commonwealths and possessions.

(g) Assist USARCS in evaluation of claims by furnishing qualified expert and technical advice from COE resources, on a non-reimbursable basis except for temporary duty (TDY) and specialized lab services expenses.