32 CFR 537.10 - Recovery procedures.

§ 537.10 Recovery procedures.

(a) Recovery personnel have three means of enforcing recovery following initial assertion.

(1) Referral to litigation pursuant to § 537.11;

(2) The head of an ACO should request Chief, Litigation Division, OTJAG to have the RJA appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney when the following criteria are met:

(i) Filing suit is a frequent necessity, e.g., insurance companies are refusing payment on small claims either by raising issues well settled or by regularly reducing the amount of medical care as not fair and reasonable;

(ii) The local U.S. Attorney's office is in favor of such appointment due to his previous experience with the RJA and the additional burden of affirmative claims litigation on his staff;

(iii) The RJA has at least two years experience and is likely to continue in the RJA assignment for at least one year; and

(iv) Commander USARCS concurs in the appointment and is willing to furnish support.

(3) The RJA may request that the attorney representing the injured party include the amount asserted by the United States as part of special damages. The injured party's attorney may not represent the United States nor may the United States pay attorney fees as this would be in violation of 5 U.S.C. 3106. Where indicated, this arrangement should be reduced to writing. Be mindful that the attorney's duty to the injured party is in conflict with the interests of the United States where the amount potentially recoverable is small in comparison to the amount asserted by the United States. In this event the RJA should pursue recovery independently.

(b) Careful monitoring of all assertions is required to insure timely follow-up resulting in collection or suit where indicated. Installation of a suspense system to avoid the expiration of the statute of limitations is essential. Recommendations to file suit should be forwarded by the RJA well prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Within six months prior to the running of the statute of limitations, USARCS must be notified of the status of the claim or potential claim. Follow-up demands should precede filing suit to create a written record of efforts to avoid suit. Personal contact with all parties is encouraged. When represented, contact the representative.

(c) Sources other than vehicle liability coverage should be exhausted in cases where the amount of the potential recovery exceeds $50,000 and the coverage is small. Coordination with USARCS is required. USARCS can obtain expert witnesses for medical malpractice cases, product liability cases, or other cases in which another tortfeasor may be involved.