32 CFR 537.13 - Enforcement of assertions.

§ 537.13 Enforcement of assertions.

Meritorious assertions that do not result in collections should be enforced as follows:

(a) Where the debtor is a business or corporation otherwise financially capable the RJA or equivalent should forward a recommendation to bring suit or intervene in an existing suit regardless of the amount of the debt. As authorized by 28 U.S.C. 3011, the demand amount in the complaint shall include an additional 10% of the original claimed amount, to cover the administrative costs of processing and handling the enforcement of the debt.

(b) Where the debtor is an individual rather than a business, an asset determination should be made both as to existing assets or prospective earnings. If the injured party's attorney has made an assets search which is reliable, review the search before requesting a new one. Such a search can be paid for out of existing collections.

(1) If the debtor has assets refer to USARCS for transfer to a debt collection contractor or an agency debt collection center as determined by USARCS.

(2) If the debtor has no assets, but prospective future earnings, RJA may seek a confession of judgment and maintain contact with the debtor for future collection where authorized by state law and filing of suit is not required. If the amount is less then $5,000, enter into an installment payment arrangement.