32 CFR 537.18 - Settlement authority for maritime claims.

§ 537.18 Settlement authority for maritime claims.

(a) The Secretary of the Army, the Army General Counsel as designee of the Secretary, or other designee of the Secretary may compromise an affirmative claim brought by the United States in any amount. A claim settled or compromised in a net amount exceeding $500,000 will be investigated and processed and, if approved by the Secretary of the Army or his or her designee, certified to Congress for final approval.

(b) TJAG, TAJAG, the Commander USARCS, the Chief Counsel COE, or Division or District Counsel Offices may settle or compromise and receive payment on a claim by the United States under this part if the amount to be received does not exceed $100,000. These authorities may also terminate collection of claims for the convenience of the government in accordance with the standards specified by the DOJ.

(c) An SJA or a chief of a command claims service and heads of ACOs may receive payment for the full amount of a claim not exceeding $100,000, or compromise any claim in which the amount to be recovered does not exceed $50,000 and the amount claimed does not exceed $100,000.

(d) Any money collected under this authority shall be deposited into the U.S. General Treasury, except that money collected on civil works claims in favor of the United States pursuant to 33 U.S.C. 408 “shall be placed to the credit of the appropriation for the improvement of the harbor or waterway in which the damage occurred * * *” ( 33 U.S.C. 412; 33 U.S.C. 571).

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