32 CFR § 552.166 - Recreational use.

§ 552.166 Recreational use.

(a) Fort Lewis:

(1) Individuals or organizations, military or civilian, desiring access to the Fort Lewis range complex for recreation must obtain a Fort Lewis Area Access permit, composed of HFL Form 652 and HFL Form 653. Exceptions are outlined below.

(2) Exception 1: DoD ID card holders enroute to or using DPCA recreational areas listed in appendix A to this subpart need no permit other than the ID card. However, travel to and from DPCA areas is restricted to the most direct paved or improved two lane roads. DoD personnel participating in non-commercial recreational activities listed in appendix C to this subpart must have an Area Access permit.

(3) Exception 2: Organizations or groups whose activity requires advanced commitment of a specific site or area, such as Scout Camporees, seasonal or one-time regional meets, and so on, must apply to the Fort Lewis DPTM, ATTN: Range Division, in writing. At least 30 days are required to process these requests. If the requested use is allowable and an appropriate area is available, DPTM may approve the request. Groups with approved land commitments will be scheduled onto the Range Complex using HFL 473. Actual commitments of land will not be made until after the Quarterly Range Scheduling Conference that covers the time period in question. Groups who need military equipment or other special support from Fort Lewis must apply in writing directly to the I Corps Public Affairs Office (PAO).

(b) Yakima Training Center: Access to the Yakima Training Center range complex for recreation requires application in writing to the Commander, Yakima Training Center, Yakima WA 98901-9399. Camping is normally not permitted on Yakima Training Center. Exceptions may be granted by the Yakima Training Center Commander for special events.

(c) Camp Bonneville: Access to the Camp Bonneville range complex for recreation requires a call to Range Control, telephone (206) 892-5800, the day before or the day of the activity. Access will be permitted if no military maneuver or live fire training is scheduled for the day requested.