32 CFR § 552.171 - Compatible use.

§ 552.171 Compatible use.

(a) Military unit commanders may request during initial scheduling or subsequent training event coordination that no permit holders be allowed in areas they have scheduled for training. If this restriction is granted, the Installation Range Control will close appropriate areas. The following military activities are considered incompatible with non-training access and automatically close affected areas:

(1) Live-fire training events with danger zones extending into training areas.

(2) Parachute and air assault operations.

(3) Field Artillery firing. The numbered training area occupied by the weapons will be closed.

(4) Training involving riot agents or smoke generating equipment.

(b) The Installation Range Officer may also close training areas based on density of occupation by military units, unit size, or training to be conducted.

(c) Areas allocated to modern firearm deer hunting are closed to both training and other recreational activities. At Fort Lewis, when pheasant release sites can be isolated by swamps, streams, or roads from the rest of a training area, multiple use of the affected training area (TA) is authorized.