32 CFR § 552.94 - Area access procedures.

§ 552.94 Area access procedures.

(a) Holders of current permits desiring access must call the Ft. Lewis Area Access Section on the date of entry at the telephone numbers listed on the permit and state the area to be entered, estimated time of entry, and estimated time of departure. This check-in may also be done in person at the Ft. Lewis Area Access Section, Bldg T–6126. Procedures for permits and access for hunting and trapping are outlined on FL Reg 215–1.

(b) The Ft. Lewis Area Access Section will determine whether the area is available and, if so, authorize entry. If the area is not open for permit holders, and an alternate area cannot be provided, access will be denied. All calls and actions will be recorded on DA Form 1594 (Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officer's Log).

(c) Permit holders must call or visit the Ft. Lewis Area Access Section immediately after leaving the authorized area to obtain checkout clearance. If a checkout is not received within three hours after the estimated time of departure, the Ft. Lewis Area Access Section will call the contact phone number in the permit holder's record and, if necessary, initiate a search through the Military Police Desk. Permit holders who fail to call out twice will be barred from area access for thirty days. A third failure to check out will result in suspension of the permit for the remainder of its normal duration or ninety days, whichever is longer.

(d) Failure to comply with the provisions of this paragraph shall subject all persons to the provisions of this section.