32 CFR 553.19 - Disinterments.

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§ 553.19 Disinterments.

(a) Interments in Arlington National Cemetery of eligible decedents are considered permanent and final, and disinterments will be permitted only for cogent reasons. Disinterments and removal of remains will be approved only when all living close relatives of the decedent give their written consent or when a court order directs the disinterment.

(b) All requests for authority to disinter remains will include the following information:

(1) A full statement of reasons for the proposed disinterment.

(2) Notarized statements by all close living relatives of the decedent that they interpose no objection to the proposed disinterment. “Close relatives” are widow or widower, parents, adult brothers and sisters, and adult childern of the decedent and will include the person who directed the initial interment, if living, even though the legal relationship of that person to the decedent may have changed.

(3) A sworn statement by a person who knows that those who supplied affidavits comprise all the living close relatives of the deceased, including the person who directed the initial interment.

(c) In lieu of the documents required, an order of a court of competent jurisdiction will be recognized. The Department of the Army or officials of the cemetery should not be made a party or parties to the court action since this is a matter that concerns the family members involved.

(d) Any disinterment that may be authorized under this paragraph must be accomplished without expense to the Government.