32 CFR § 634.16 - Reciprocal state-military action.

§ 634.16 Reciprocal state-military action.

(a) Commanders will recognize the interests of the states in matters of POV administration and driver licensing. Statutory authority may exist within some states or host nations for reciprocal suspension and revocation of driving privileges. See subpart D of this part for additional information on exchanging and obtaining information with civilian law enforcement agencies concerning infractions by Armed Service personnel off post. Installation commanders will honor the reciprocal authority and direct the installation law enforcement officer to pursue reciprocity with state or host nation licensing authorities. Upon receipt of written or other official law enforcement communication relative to the suspension/revocation of driving privileges, the receiving installation will terminate driving privileges as if violations occurred within its own jurisdiction.

(b) When imposing a suspension or revocation for an off-installation offense, the effective date should be the same as civil disposition, or the date that state or host-nation driving privileges are suspended or revoked. This effective date can be retroactive.

(c) If statutory authority does not exist within the state or host nation for formal military reciprocity, the procedures below will be adopted:

(1) Commanders will recognize official documentation of suspensions/revocations imposed by state or host nation authorities. Administrative actions (suspension/revocations, or if recognized, point assessment) for moving traffic violations off the installation should not be less than required for similar offenses on the installation. When notified by state or host nation authorities of a suspension or revocation, the person's OF 346 may also be suspended.

(2) In CONUS, the host and issuing state licensing authority will be notified as soon as practical when a person's installation driving privileges are suspended or revoked for any period, and immediately for refusal to submit to a lawful BAC test. The notification will be sent to the appropriate state DMV(s) per reciprocal agreements. In the absence of electronic communication technology, the appropriate state DMV(s) will be notified by official certified mail. The notification will include the basis for the suspension/revocation and the BAC level if applicable.

(d) OCONUS installation commanders must follow provisions of the applicable Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), the law of the host nation concerning reciprocal suspension and revocation, and other international agreements. To the extent an agreement concerning reciprocity may be permitted at a particular overseas installation, the commander must have prior authorization to negotiate and conclude such an international agreement in accordance with applicable international agreements, DODD 5530.3, International Agreements, June 87, and other individual Service instructions.