32 CFR § 635.19 - Protection Orders.

§ 635.19 Protection Orders.

(a) A DD Form 2873, Military Protective Order (MPO) is a written lawful order issued by a commander that orders a Soldier to avoid contact with those persons identified in the order. MPOs may be used to facilitate a “cooling-off” period following domestic violence and sexual assault incidents, to include incidents involving children. The commander should provide a written copy of the order within 24 hours of its issuance to the person with whom the member is ordered not to have contact and to the installation LE activity.

(b) Initial notification. In the event a MPO is issued against a Soldier and any individual involved in the order does not reside on a Army installation at any time during the duration of the MPO, the installation PMO/DES will notify the appropriate civilian authorities (local magistrate courts, family courts, and local police) of:

(1) The issuance of the protective order;

(2) The individuals involved in the order;

(3) Any change made in a protective order;

(4) The termination of the protective order.

(c) A Civilian Protective Order (CPO) is an order issued by a judge, magistrate or other authorized civilian official, ordering an individual to avoid contact with his or her spouse or children. Pursuant to the Armed Forces Domestic Security Act, 10 U.S.C. 1561a, a CPO has the same force and effect on a military installation as such order has within the jurisdiction of the court that issued the order.