32 CFR § 750.31 - Reconsideration.

§ 750.31 Reconsideration.

(a) Request. Prior to the commencement of suit and prior to the expiration of the 6-month period for filing suit, a claimant or his duly authorized agent or legal representative may present a request for reconsideration to the authority who denied the claim. The request shall be in writing and shall state the reasons for the requested reconsideration. A request for reconsideration is presented on the date it is received by the DON. 28 CFR 14.9(b).

(b) Proper basis. A request for reconsideration shall set forth claimant's reasons for the request, and shall include any supplemental supporting evidence or information. Any writing communicating a desire for reconsideration that reasonably appears to have been presented solely for the purpose of extending the statutory period for filing suit, shall not be treated as a request for reconsideration. Claimant or claimant's authorized representative shall be notified promptly that the writing is not considered a proper request for reconsideration.

(c) Effect of presentment of request. The presentment of a proper request for reconsideration starts a new 6-month period for the DON to act on the request to reconsider. The claimant may not file suit until the expiration of the new 6-month period, or until after the date of mailing of the final denial of the request. Final denial of a request for reconsideration shall be accomplished in the manner prescribed in § 750.30. 28 CFR 14.9(b).