32 CFR § 750.34 - Settlement and payment.

§ 750.34 Settlement and payment.

(a) Settlement agreement -

(1) When required. A settlement agreement, signed by the claimant, must be received prior to payment in every case in which the claim is either:

(i) Settled for less than the full amount claimed, or

(ii) The claim was not presented on a Standard Form 95.

(2) Contents. Every settlement agreement must contain language indicating payment is in full and final settlement of the applicable claim. Each settlement agreement shall contain language indicating acceptance of the settlement amount by the claimant, or his agent or legal representative, shall be final and conclusive on the claimant, or his agent or legal representative, and any other person on whose behalf or for whose benefit the claim has been presented, and shall constitute a complete release of any claim against the United States and against any employee of the Government whose conduct gave rise to the claim, by reason of the same subject matter. 28 CFR 14.10(b). In cases where partial payment will benefit both claimant and the Government, such as payment for property damage to an automobile, the settlement agreement shall be tailored to reflect the terms of the partial settlement. All settlement agreements shall contain a recitation of the applicable statutory limitation of attorneys fees. 28 U.S.C. 2678.

(b) DON role in settlement negotiations involving the U.S. Attorney or DOJ. Agency concurrence is generally sought by the Department of Justice or U.S. Attorney's office prior to settlement of suits involving the DON. Requests for concurrence in settlement proposals shall be referred to the appropriate DON adjudicating authority with primary responsibility for monitoring the claim. Adjudicating authorities shall consult with the Judge Advocate General concerning proposed settlements beyond their adjudicating authority.

(c) Payment of the claim -

(1) Statutory authority. Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 2672 and in accordance with 28 CFR 14.6(a), the Secretary of the Navy or designee, acting on behalf of the United States may compromise or settle any claim filed against the Navy under the FTCA, provided any award, compromise, or settlement by the Navy in excess of $200,000.00 may be effected only with the prior written approval of the Attorney General or designee. Title 28 CFR 14.6 requires consultation with the Department of Justice prior to compromise or settlement of a claim in any amount when:

(i) A new precedent or a new point of law is involved;

(ii) A question of policy is or may be involved;

(iii) The United States is or may be entitled to indemnity or contribution from a third party and the agency is unable to adjust the third party claim;

(iv) The compromise of a particular claim, as a practical matter, will or may control the disposition of a related claim in which the amount to be paid may exceed $100,000.00; or

(v) The DON is informed or is otherwise aware that the United States or an employee, agent, or cost-plus contractor of the United States is involved in litigation based on a claim arising out of the same incident or transaction.

(2) Specific delegation and designation -

(i) Payment authority.

Delegated and Designated Authority Federal Tort Claims Act
Judge Advocate General - $200,000.00
Deputy Judge Advocate General - $200,000.00
Assistant Judge Advocate General (General Law) - $200,000.00
Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General (Claims and Tort Litigation) and Deputy Division Director - $200,000.00
Head, Tort Claims Branch (Claims and Tort Litigation) - $200,000.00
Any payment of over $200,000.00 must be approved by DoJ. The Judge Advocate General, the Deputy Judge Advocate General, the Assistant Judge Advocate General (General Law), Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General (Claims and Tort Litigation), and the Head, Tort Claims Branch (Claims and Tort Litigation) may deny Federal Tort Claims in any amount.

(ii) Adjudicating authority. The Department of the Navy's tort claims adjudication function is consolidated as the Tort Claims Unit Norfolk (TCU) located at Naval Station, Norfolk, VA. The address is as follows: Department of the Navy, Office of the Judge Advocate General, Tort Claims Unit Norfolk, 9620 Maryland Avenue Suite 100, Norfolk, VA 23511-2989.

(3) Funding. Claims approved for $2,500.00 or less are paid from DON appropriations. Claims approved in excess of $2,500.00 are paid from the judgment fund and must be forwarded to the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) for payment. 28 CFR 14.10(a). Claims arising out of the operation of nonappropriated-fund activities and approved for payment shall be forwarded to the appropriate nonappropriated-fund activity for payment.

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