32 CFR § 775.4 - Responsibilities.

§ 775.4 Responsibilities.

(a) The Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations and Environment) (ASN (I&E)) shall:

(1) Act as principal liaison with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Council on Environmental Quality, the Environmental Protection Agency, other Federal agencies, Congress, state governments, and the public with respect to significant NEPA matters.

(2) Direct the preparation of appropriate environmental analysis and documentation and, with respect to those matters governed by SECNAV Instruction 5000.2 series, advise the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research Development and Acquisition) (ASN (RD&A)) concerning environmental issues and the appropriate level of environmental analysis and NEPA documentation needed in any particular circumstance.

(3) Except for proposed acquisition-related actions addressed in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, review, sign, and approve for publication, as appropriate, documents prepared under NEPA.

(4) Establish and publish a list of categorical exclusions for the DON.

(b) The Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN (RD&A)) shall, in accordance with SECNAV Instruction 5000.2 series:

(1) Ensure that DON acquisition programs, research programs, and procurements comply with NEPA.

(2) Review, sign, and approve for publication, as appropriate, environmental documents prepared under NEPA for proposed acquisition or research and development related actions.

(c) The General Counsel of the Navy and the Judge Advocate General of the Navy shall:

(1) Ensure that legal advice for compliance with environmental planning requirements is available to all decision-makers.

(2) Advise the Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps as to the legal requirements that must be met, and the conduct and disposition of all legal matters arising in the context of environmental planning.

(d) The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) shall:

(1) Implement effective environmental planning throughout their respective services.

(2) Prepare and issue instructions or orders to implement environmental planning policies of the DON. Forward proposed CNO/CMC environmental planning instructions or orders to ASN (I&E) and, when appropriate, ASN (RD&A) for review and comment prior to issuance.

(3) Make decisions on environmental assessments as to whether a Finding of No Significant Impact is appropriate or preparation of an environmental impact statement is required.

(4) Ensure that subordinate commands establish procedures for implementing mitigation measures described in NEPA documents.

(5) Provide coordination as required for the preparation of NEPA documents for actions initiated by non-DON/DOD entities, state or local agencies and/or private individuals for which service involvement may be reasonably foreseen.

(6) Bring environmental planning matters that involve controversial issues or which may affect environmental planning policies or their implementation to the attention of ASN (I&E) and, where appropriate, ASN (RD&A) for coordination and determination.

(7) Notify ASN (I&E), and when appropriate, ASN (RD&A) of any proposed EIS, and of any EA that may involve potentially sensitive public interest issues. EIS notification shall occur prior to commencing NEPA document preparation or receiving any public or regulatory agency involvement. EA notification shall be made as soon as it becomes apparent that potentially sensitive public issues are involved.

[69 FR 8109, Feb. 23, 2004]

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