32 CFR § 865.125 - Report requirement.

§ 865.125 Report requirement.

Semi-annual reports will be submitted by the 20th day of April and October for the preceding 6-month reporting period (1 October through 31 March and 1 April through 30 September). The reporting period will be inclusive from the first through the last days of each reporting period. The report will contain four parts:

(a) Part 1 - Regular Cases are all those that are not included in part 2 below.

(b) Part 2 - Other cases include the following:

(1) Reconsideration of President Ford's memorandum of 19 January 1977.

(2) Special Discharge Review Program cases.

(3) Statutes of Limitation Cases - those heard under Pub. L. 95-126 by waiver of 10 U.S.C. 1553.

(c) Part 3 - Total - combine parts 1 and 2.

(d) Part 4 - Cases outstanding include all those eligible cases in which a DD Form 293 has been received but has not been heard by the Discharge Review Board as the reporting date for this report. Reports will be prepared by the Air Force Discharge Review Board and submitted to the Army Discharge Review Board (executive agent for DRB matters).