32 CFR § 989.17 - Notice of intent.

§ 989.17 Notice of intent.

The EPF must furnish, through the MAJCOM, to HQ USAF/A7CI the NOI (40 CFR 1508.22) describing the proposed action for congressional notification and publication in the Federal Register. The EPF, through the host base public affairs office, will also provide the approved NOI to newspapers and other media in the area potentially affected by the proposed action. The EPF must provide copies of the notice to the SPOC and must also distribute it to requesting agencies, organizations, and individuals. Along with the draft NOI, the EPF must also forward the completed DOPAA, through the MAJCOM, to HQ USAF for information.

[64 FR 38129, July 15, 1999, as amended at 66 FR 16868, Mar. 28, 2001; 72 FR 37106, July 9, 2007]

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