32 CFR § 989.2 - Concept.

§ 989.2 Concept.

(a) This part provides a framework on how to comply with NEPA and E.O. 12114 according to Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 32-70 2. The Air Force specific procedures and requirements in this part are intended to be used by Air Force decision-makers to fully comply with NEPA and the EIAP.

2 See footnote 1 to § 989.1.

(b) Major commands (MAJCOM) provide additional implementing guidance in their supplemental publications to this part. MAJCOM supplements must identify the specific offices that have implementation responsibility and include any guidance needed to comply with this part. All references to MAJCOMs in this part include the Air National Guard Readiness Center (ANGRC) and other agencies designated as “MAJCOM equivalent” by HQ USAF.

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