32 CFR § 989.24 - Public notification.

§ 989.24 Public notification.

(a) Except as provided in § 989.26, public notification is required for various aspects of the EIAP.

(b) Activities that require public notification include:

(1) An EA and FONSI.

(2) An EIS NOI.

(3) Public scoping meetings.

(4) Availability of the draft EIS.

(5) Public hearings on the draft EIS (which should be included in the NOA for the draft EIS).

(6) Availability of the final EIS.

(7) The ROD for an EIS.

(c) For actions of local concern, the list of possible notification methods in 40 CFR 1506.6(b)(3) is only illustrative. The EPF may use other equally effective means of notification as a substitute for any of the methods listed. Because many Air Force actions are of limited interest to persons or organizations outside the Air Force, the EPF may limit local notification to the SPOC, local government representatives, and local news media. For all actions covered under § 989.15(e)(2), and for all EIS notices, the public affairs office must purchase with EPF funds an advertisement in a prominent section of the local newspaper(s) of general circulation (not “legal” newspapers or “legal section” of general newspapers).

(d) For the purpose of EIAP, the EPF begins the time period of local notification when it sends written notification to the state SPOC or other equivalent agency (date of letter of notification).

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