32 CFR § 989.28 - Airspace and range proposals.

§ 989.28 Airspace and range proposals.

(a) EIAP Review. Airspace and range proposals require review by HQ USAF/XOO prior to public announcement and preparation of the DOPAA. Unless directed otherwise, the airspace proponent will forward the DOPAA as an attachment to the proposal sent to HQ USAF/XOO.

(b) Federal Aviation Administration. The DoD and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that outlines various airspace responsibilities. For purposes of compliance with NEPA, the DoD is the “lead agency” for all proposals initiated by DoD, with the FAA acting as the “cooperating agency.” Where airspace proposals initiated by the FAA affect military use, the roles are reversed. The proponent's action officers (civil engineering and local airspace management) must ensure that the FAA is fully integrated into the airspace proposal and related EIAP from the very beginning and that the action officers review the FAA's responsibilities as a cooperating agency. The proponent's airspace manager develops the preliminary airspace proposal per appropriate FAA handbooks and the FAA-DoD MOU. The preliminary airspace proposal is the basis for initial dialogue between DoD and the FAA on the proposed action. A close working relationship between DoD and the FAA, through the FAA regional Air Force representative, greatly facilitates the airspace proposal process and helps resolve many NEPA issues during the EIAP.

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