32 CFR § 989.5 - Organizational relationships.

§ 989.5 Organizational relationships.

(a) The host EPF manages the EIAP using an interdisciplinary team approach. This is especially important for tenant-proposed actions, because the host command is responsible for the EIAP for actions related to the host command's installations.

(b) The host command prepares environmental documents internally or directs the host base to prepare the environmental documents. Environmental document preparation may be by contract (requiring the tenant to fund the EIAP), by the tenant unit, or by the host. Regardless of the preparation method, the host command will ensure the required environmental analysis is accomplished before a decision is made on the proposal and an action is undertaken. Support agreements should provide specific procedures to ensure host oversight of tenant compliance, tenant funding or reimbursement of host EIAP costs, and tenant compliance with the EIAP regardless of the tenant not being an Air Force organization.

(c) For aircraft beddown and unit realignment actions, program elements are identified in the Program Objective Memorandum. Subsequent Program Change Requests must include AF Form 813.

(d) To ensure timely initiation of the EIAP, SAF/AQ forwards information copies of all Mission Need Statements and System Operational Requirements Documents to SAF/IEI, HQ USAF/A7CI (or NGB/A7CV), the Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Aerospace Medicine Office (AFMOA/SG), and the affected MAJCOM EPFs.

(e) The MAJCOM of the scheduling unit managing affected airspace is responsible for preparing and approving environmental analyses.

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