32 CFR Appendix A_to_part_113 - Certificate of Compliance

Appendix A to Part 113 - Certificate of Compliance

I certify that the (Name of Creditor) upon extending credit

complied with the full disclosure requirements of the Truth-in-Lending Act and Regulation Z, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (or the laws and regulations of State of __________), and that the attached statement is a true copy of the general and specific disclosures provided the obligor as required by law.

I further certify that the Standards of Fairness set forth in DoD Directive 1344.9 1 have been applied to the consumer credit transaction to which this form refers. (If the unpaid balance has been adjusted as a consequence, the specific adjustments in the finance charge and the annual percentage rate should be set forth below.)

1 Copies may be obtained, at cost, from the National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161.


(Date of Certification)
(Signature of Creditor or Authorized Representative)
(City, State and Zip Code)