32 CFR Appendix A_to_part_1290 - Preparation Guide for DD Form 1805, Violation Notice

Appendix A to Part 1290 - Preparation Guide for DD Form 1805, Violation Notice

All violations will require:

Last four digits of the Social Security Number of the Issuing guard/police officer (placed in space marked “Officer No.”). Date of notice (is also violation date unless otherwise shown) and time. Description of violation, including place noted. Violation code number and issuing location code number (as determined by local Magistrate/District Court). Examples are shown at appendices B, C, and D.

In addition to above items

Parking offenses require: Vehicle description (make, color, body type), licensing state, auto license number; and, if violator is present: Driver permit number, driver address, driver's name (all of above items and); moving traffic offenses require: Birth date and sex, race (if it appears on driver's permit), height and weight.

Nontraffic offenses require: Statute violated, person's name, person's address, birth date, and sex; and, if applicable: Race, height, and weight.

All mailable disposition offenses - amount of fine (collateral).

All mandatory court offenses - Above data, as appropriate, and the place of court (i.e., Magistrate Court Address), the date and time of appearance (if known by officer), and check mark in Box “A”.