32 CFR Appendix Attachment 5 to Part 855 - Attachment 5 to Part 855—Sample Temporary Agreement

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Attachment 5 to Part 855—Sample Temporary Agreement
Letter of Agreement for Temporary Civil Aircraft Operations at Warbucks AFB, USA

This letter of agreement establishes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for commercial air carrier operations at Warbucks AFB, USA, (WAFB) for the period (date) through (date) Military requirements will take precedence over civil aircraft operations. Should a conflict arise between air carrier and Air Force operational procedures, Air Force procedures will apply.

Authorized Users

The following air carriers are authorized use, provided they have a civil aircraft landing permit approved at HQ USAF/XOOBC for such use:

Flyaway Airlines
Recreation Airlines
Economy Airlines
PacAir Transport

The Bunker International Airport (BIA) manager or air carrier station managers will ensure that the WAFB Airfield Manager is provided current airline schedules during the approved period of use. Every effort will be made to avoid disruption of the air carriers' schedules; however, it is understood that the installation commander will suspend or change flight plans when required to preclude interference with military activities or operations.

Passenger and Luggage Handling

The BIA terminal will be used for passenger loading and unloading. Security checks will be performed at the terminal before loading passengers on buses. Luggage on arriving aircraft will be directly offloaded onto vehicles and delivered to the BIA terminal. Each arriving and departing bus or vehicle caravan will be accompanied by a credentialed representative of the airline or BIA to ensure its integrity enroute. Buses or vehicles transporting passengers to board an aircraft will not depart WAFB until the passengers are airborne. Unless an emergency exists, arriving passengers will not deplane until the buses are available for transportation to the BIA terminal. All checked luggage will be picked up at BIA and delivered directly to the departing aircraft. Buses will proceed directly to the aircraft at WAFB alert ramp. Luggage on arriving aircraft will be directly offloaded onto a vehicle parked on the WAFB alert ramp. WAFB will be notified, in advance, if a local funeral home requires access for pickup or delivery of deceased persons.

Aircraft Handling and Ground Support Equipment

Air Force-owned fuel will not be provided. The air carriers will provide their own ground support equipment. Refueling equipment from BIA will be prepositioned at WAFB on the alert ramp. The Air Force shall not be responsible for any damage or loss to such equipment, and BIA expressly assumes all risks of any such loss or damage and agrees to indemnify and hold the United States harmless against any such damage or loss. No routine aircraft maintenance will be accomplished at WAFB. Emergency repairs and or maintenance are only authorized to avoid extended parking and storage of civil aircraft at WAFB.

Customs and Security

The installation commander will exercise administrative and security control over both the aircraft and passengers on WAFB. Customs officials will be transported to and from the base by air carrier representatives. The installation commander will cooperate with customer, health, and other public officials to expedite arrival and departure of the aircraft. Air carrier representatives will notify the WAFB Airfield Manager, in advance, of armed security or law enforcement officers arriving or departing on a flight. BIA officials and air carrier representatives must provide the WAFB Airfield Manager a list of employees, contractors, and vehicles requiring flightline access. Temporary passes will be issued to authorized individuals and vehicles.

Fire, Crash, and Rescue Services

BIA will provide technical information and training for WAFB Fire Department personnel prior to (date) . Fire, Crash, and Rescue Services will be provided in an emergency, but fire trucks will not routinely park on the flightline for aircraft arrivals and departures. BIA will reimburse WAFB for all such services.

Liability and Indemnification

The Air Force shall not be responsible for damages to property or injuries to persons which may arise from or be incident to the use of WAFB by BIA under this Agreement, or for damages to the property of BIA or injuries to the person of BIA's officers, agents, servants, employees, or invitees. BIA agrees to assume all risks of loss or damage to property and injury or death to persons by reason of or incident to the use of WAFB under this Agreement and expressly waives any and all claims against the United States for any such loss, damage, personal injury, or death caused by or occurring as a consequence of such use. BIA further agrees to indemnify, save, and hold the United States, its officers, agents, and employees harmless from and against all claims, demands, or actions, liabilities, judgments, costs, and attorneys fees, arising out of, claimed on account of, or in any manner predicated upon personal injury, death or property damage resulting from, related to, caused by, or arising out of the use of WAFB under this Agreement.


Landing and parking fees will be charged in accordance with to AFI 10–1001, Civil Aircraft Landing Permits. Charges will be made in accordance with the appropriate Air Force Instructions for any services or supplies required from WAFB. The WAFB Airfield Manager will be responsible for consolidating all charges which will be billed to BIA not later than (date) by the Accounting and Finance Office.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the respective duly authorized representatives of the parties hereto have executed this Agreement on the date set forth below opposite their respective signatures.

BIA Representative (Name and Title)
WAFB Representative (Name and Title)