32 CFR Appendix B_to_part_552 - Non-Permit Access Routes

Appendix B to Part 552 - Non-Permit Access Routes

1. The following public easement routes may be used without permit or check-in:

Steilacoom-DuPont Road (EH 286156 to EH 302227).
Pacific Highway Southeast (EH 232119 to EH 250141).
Washington State Route 507 (EH 363061 to EH 429144).
Goodacre (unpaved) and Rice Kandle (paved) Roads (EH 386088 to EH 450074).
8th Avenue South (EH 424045 to EH 424126).
8th Avenue East (EH 440074 to EH 440126).
208th Avenue (EH 424126 to EH 432126).
Washington State Route 510 (EH 235063 to EH 247054 and EH 261046 to EH 273020).
Yelm Highway (EH 233056 to EH 239058).
Rainer Road Southeast (EG 167997 to EG 213941).
Military Road Southeast (EG 213941 to EG 215944).
Spurgeon Creek Road (EG 178986 to EG 179997).
Stedman Road (EG 153987 to EG 167995).

2. The following military routes may be used without permit or check-in:

Huggins Meyer Road (North Fort Road, EH 305202-EH 328213)
East Gate Road (C-5 Mock-up to 8th Ave South - EH 328213)
260th (EH 440074 to EH 457074)
Roy cut-off (Chambers Lake) Road (East Gate Road to Roy City Limits)
Lincoln Avenue (Madigan to EH 391179)

3. The Solo Point Road is open to Weyerhauser Corporation personnel for business and recreation.

4. DOD personnel and Fort Lewis contractor personnel on official business may use all DEH-maintained paved roads and two lane gravel roads in the training areas. The use of one lane gravel lanes, or any established road not identified above, must be coordinated with the Area Access Office prior to use except as specified in ยง 552.87(b)(2)

5. All range roads closed because of training activities will not be used until opened by the Range Officer. Such road closures will normally involve barricades and road guards. Barricades and road guards placed by direction of Range Control may not be by-passed.