32 CFR Appendix B to Subpart M of Part 552 - Non-Permit Access Routes

Appendix B to Subpart M of Part 552 - Non-Permit Access Routes

1. This listing applies only to Fort Lewis. There are no such routes on Yakima Training Center or Camp Bonneville.

2. The following public easement routes may be used without permit or check-in: I-5.

Steilacoom-DuPont Road (ET 286163 or ET 301229).
Pacific Highway Southeast (ET 231121 to ET 249143).
Washington State Route 507 (ET 363065 to ET 428146).
Goodacre and Rice Kandle Roads (ET 386090 to ET 449076).
8th Avenue South (ET 424047 to ET 423127).
8th Avenue East (ET 439077 or ET 439128).
208th Avenue (ET 423128 to ET 431128).
Washington State Route 510 (ET 234065 to ET 246056 and ET 260048 to ET 272022).
Yelm Highway (ET 231058 to ET 238061).
Rainier Road Southeast (ES 167999 to ES 212943).
Military Road Southeast (ES 212943 to ES 214945).
Spurgeon Creek Road (ES 177988 to ES 178999).
Stedman Road (ES 152989 to ES 167998).

3. The following military routes may be used without permit ot check-in:

Huggins Meyer Road (North Fort Road, ET 304204-ET 327215)
East Gate Road (C-5 Mock-up to 8th Ave South, ET 423097)
Roy Cut-off (Chambers Lake) Road (East Gate Road to Roy City Limits), when open.
Lincoln Avenue (Old Madigan to ET 390179)

4. The Solo Point Road is open to Weyerhauser Corporation personnel for business and recreation.

5. DoD personnel and Fort Lewis contractor personnel on official business may use all DEH-maintained range roads and trails in the training areas.

6. Range roads closed for training by barricades or road guards will not be used. Barricades and guards will not be by-passed.