32 CFR Appendix D to Part 247 - Appendix D to Part 247—AFIS Print Media Directorate

Appendix D to Part 247—AFIS Print Media Directorate

A. General. The Print Media Directorate (PMD), an element of AFIS, develops, publishes, and distributes a variety of print media products that support DoD-wide programs and policies for targeted audiences throughout the DoD community. Products include the following:

1. American Forces Press Service, news and feature articles, photographs, and art targeted principally to editors of DoD newspapers.

2. DEFENSE magazine, a bimonthly magazine featuring articles authored by senior military and civilian officials on DoD programs and policies. An annual almanac edition highlights DoD's organization and statistical information.

3. Defense Billboard, a monthly poster featuring topics of particular interest to junior Military Service members, but applicable to general DoD audiences.

4. Pamphlets, booklets, and other posters covering a variety of joint interest information topics.

5. PMD posts the Press Service on Military Service computer bulletin boards and internet world wide web sites. PAOs and editors may download text and art in a form readily usable for word processing or desktop publishing. All other PMD publications should be requisitioned through the Military Service's or organization's publications distribution system.

6. Additional information may be obtained on the internet using the AFIS Uniform Resource Locator: http://www.dtic.mil/defenselink/afis/.

B. Use of materials published by print media directorate. With the exception of copyrighted matter, all materials published by PMD may be reproduced or adapted for use by DoD newspaper and magazine editors as appropriate. When PMD material is edited or revised, accuracy and conformance to DoD policy and accepted standards of good taste will be maintained. Due to the policy-oriented nature of DEFENSE magazine contents, particular care shall be taken to preserve the original context, tone, and meaning of any material adapted, revised, or edited from this publication.

C. Eligible activities. The following activities are eligible to receive the above listed PMD products:

1. All authorized DoD newspapers and magazines.

2. Headquarters of the DoD Components and their subordinate commands.

3. Proponent offices of DoD periodicals published by the DoD Components.

4. Armed Forces Radio and Television Service networks and outlets.

5. Isolated commands and detachments at which DoD newspapers are not readily available.