33 CFR § 100.15 - Submission of application.

§ 100.15 Submission of application.

(a) An individual or organization planning to hold a regatta or marine parade which, by its nature, circumstances or location, will introduce extra or unusual hazards to the safety of life on the navigable waters of the United States, shall submit an application to the Coast Guard District Commander having cognizance of the area where it is intended to hold such regatta or marine parade. Examples of conditions which are deemed to introduce extra or unusual hazards to the safety of life include but are not limited to: An inherently hazardous competition, the customary presence of commercial or pleasure craft in the area, any obstruction of navigable channel which may reasonably be expected to result, and the expected accumulation of spectator craft.

(b) Where such events are to be held regularly or repeatedly in a single area by an individual or organization, the Commandant or the District Commander may, subject to conditions set from time to time by him or her, grant a permit for such series of events for a fixed period of time, not to exceed one year.

(c) The application must be submitted no less than 135 days before the start of the proposed event. However, if all of the following criteria are met, the application must be submitted no less than 60 days before the start of the proposed event:

(1) The sponsor submitted an application for the event in the year immediately preceding.

(2) The nature, location, scheduling, and other relevant information contained in the previous application are essentially the same.

(3) The Coast Guard received no objection to the previous application.

(4) The Coast Guard did not promulgate special local regulations for the previous event.

(5) The Coast Guard approved the previous event.

(d) The application shall include the following details:

(1) Name and address of sponsoring organization.

(2) Name, address, and telephone of person or persons in charge of the event.

(3) Nature and purpose of the event.

(4) Information as to general public interest.

(5) Estimated number and types of watercraft participating in the event.

(6) Estimated number and types of spectator watercraft.

(7) Number of boats being furnished by sponsoring organizations to patrol event.

(8) A time schedule and description of events.

(9) A section of a chart or scale drawing showing the boundaries of the event, various water courses or areas to be utilized by participants, officials, and spectator craft.

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