33 CFR § 101.555 - Recurring Unescorted Access for Risk Group A vessels and facilities.

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§ 101.555 Recurring Unescorted Access for Risk Group A vessels and facilities.

This section describes how designated TWIC-holders may access certain secure areas on Risk Group A vessels and facilities on a continual and repeated basis without undergoing repeated electronic TWIC inspections.

(a) An individual may enter a secure area on a vessel or facility without undergoing an electronic TWIC inspection under the following conditions:

(1) Access is through a Designated Recurring Access Area (DRAA), designated under an approved Vessel, Facility, or Joint Vessel-Facility Security Plan.

(2) The entire DRAA is continuously monitored by security personnel at the access points to secure areas used by personnel seeking Recurring Unescorted Access.

(3) The individual possesses a valid TWIC.

(4) The individual has passed an electronic TWIC inspection within each shift and in the presence of the on-scene security personnel.

(5) The individual passes an additional electronic TWIC inspection prior to being granted unescorted access to a secure area if he or she enters an unsecured area outside the DRAA and then returns.

(b) The following requirements apply to a DRAA:

(1) It must consist of an unsecured area where personnel will be moving into an adjacent secure area repeatedly.

(2) The entire DRAA must be visible to security personnel.

(3) During operation as a DRAA, there must be security personnel present at all times.

(c) An area may operate as a DRAA at certain times, and during other times, access to secure areas may be obtained through the procedures in § 101.535.

(d) Personnel may enter the secure areas adjacent to a DRAA at any time using the procedures in § 101.535.

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