33 CFR § 117.47 - Clearance gauges.

§ 117.47 Clearance gauges.

(a) Clearance gauges are required for drawbridges across navigable waters of the United States discharging into the Atlantic Ocean south of Delaware Bay (including the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal, DE) or into the Gulf of Mexico (including coastal waterways contiguous thereto and tributaries to such waterways and the Lower Atchafalaya River, LA), except the Mississippi River and its tributaries and outlets,

(b) Except for provisions in this part which specify otherwise for particular drawbridges, clearance gauges shall be designed, installed, and maintained according to the provisions of § 118.160 of this chapter.


Clearance gauge requirements, if any, for drawbridges other than those referred to in this section are listed in Subpart B under the appropriate bridge.

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