33 CFR § 117.971 - Neches River.

§ 117.971 Neches River.

(a) The draw of the Kansas City Southern automated bridge, mile 19.5, at Beaumont, is not constantly manned and is operated from a remote site in Shreveport, Louisiana. The bridge is normally maintained in the closed to navigation position, providing 13 feet of vertical clearance above mean high tide. This bridge will open on signal.

(1) Mariners may request a bridge opening at anytime via one of the following methods:

(i) Telephone at 1-800-892-6295;

(ii) Marine radio on VHF-FM Channel 16; or

(iii) Proper sound signal as prescribed in § 117.15.

(2) When signaling by sound, if return sound signal is not sent from the remote bridge operator, in compliance with § 117.15, contact the remote operator via telephone or marine radio.

(3) An audible warning siren will sound when the bridge is in motion. Video cameras will constantly monitor the waterway near and under the draw. Once a vessel has passed through the bridge, the draw will lower, provided the infrared “under bridge” presence detector and video cameras reveal nothing under the draw.

(b) The draw of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad bridge, mile 53.9 at Evadale, need not be opened for the passage of vessels.

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