33 CFR § 118.60 - Characteristics of lights.

§ 118.60 Characteristics of lights.

All lights required or authorized under this part must be securely attached to the structure and of sufficient candlepower as to be visible against the background lighting at a distance of at least 2,000 yards 90 percent of the nights of the year. Lights must meet the requirements of this part. Lights shall be fixed lights excepting as provided in §§ 118.95. 118.110 and 118.150 of this part. Color specifications are not prescribed for bridge lights, however, the chromaticity standards for navigation lights in 33 CFR Part 84—Annex I are recommended.

[CGD 84-022, 51 FR 16313, May 2, 1986, as amended by USCG-1998-3799, 63 FR 35530, June 30, 1998]