33 CFR § 125.21 - Applications.

§ 125.21 Applications.


(1) Application for a Coast Guard Port Security Card shall be made under oath in writing and shall include applicant's answers in full to inquiries with respect to such matters as are deemed by the Commandant to be pertinent to the standards set forth in § 125.19, and to be necessary for a determination whether the character and habits of life of the applicant are such as to warrant the belief that his presence on waterfront facilities, and port and harbor areas, including vessels and harbor craft therein, would not be inimical to the security of the United States.

(2) The application also shall include applicant's complete identification, citizenship record, personal description, military record, if any, and a statement of the applicant's sponsor certifying the applicant's employment or union membership and that applicant's statements are true and correct to the best of sponsor's knowledge.

(3) The application shall be accompanied by two unmounted, dull finish photographs, 1 inch × 1 15/16 inches, of passport type, taken within one year of the date of application. The photograph shall show the full face with the head uncovered and shall be a clear and satisfactory likeness of the applicant. It shall portray the largest image of the head and upper shoulders possible within the dimensions specified.

(4) Fingerprint records on each applicant shall be taken by the Coast Guard at the time application is submitted.

(5) The applicant shall present satisfactory proof of his citizenship.

(6) The applicant shall indicate the address to which his Coast Guard Port Security Card can be delivered to him by mail. Under special circumstances the applicant may arrange to call in person for the Coast Guard Port Security Card.

(7) The applicant shall present his application, in person, to a Coast Guard Port Security Unit designated to receive such applications. Such units will be located in or near each port where Coast Guard Port Security Cards are required. Each Captain of the Port shall forward promptly to the Commandant each application for a Coast Guard Port Security Card received by him.

(b) If an applicant fails or refuses to furnish the required information or to make full and complete answer with respect to all matters of inquiry, the Commandant shall hold in abeyance further consideration of the application, and shall notify the applicant that further action will not be taken unless and until the applicant furnishes the required information and fully and completely answers all inquiries directed to him.

[CGFR 59-63, 25 FR 1589, Feb. 24, 1960]