33 CFR § 138.60 - Applications, general instructions.

§ 138.60 Applications, general instructions.

(a) You may obtain an Application for Vessel Certificate of Financial Responsibility (Water Pollution) (Form CG-5585) by following the instructions in §§ 138.40 and 138.45.

(b) Your Application and all supporting documents must be in English, and express all monetary terms in United States dollars.

(c) An authorized official of the applicant must sign the signature page of the Application. The title of the signer must be shown in the space provided on the Application. The operator must submit the original signature page of the Application to NPFC in hard copy.

(d) If the signer is not identified on the Application as an individual (sole proprietor) applicant, a partner in a partnership applicant, or a director, chief executive officer, or any other duly authorized officer of a corporate applicant, the Application must be accompanied by a written statement certifying the signer's authority to sign on behalf of the applicant.

(e) If, before the issuance of a Certificate, the applicant becomes aware of a change in any of the facts contained in the Application or supporting documentation, the applicant must, within 5 business days of becoming aware of the change, notify the Director, NPFC, in writing, of the changed facts.

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